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VAPES.BAR Vapes Verify

Verify Product Authenticity,All Vapes Bar bottles ship with a security seal that includes a unique serial number. Vapes labels feature a QR code. 

Verify Products

Locate the authentication label, then scan the QR code or enter your security code to verify.
  • Vape Device Verify

*We use the advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, significantly reducing the possibility of any counterfeiting production, the adoption of this technology can prevent the phenomenon of fake and shoddy products to the greatest extent, which provides a strong guarantee for everyone's safety and interests.
Step 1. Scratch Me
Scratch the silver cover and input the authenticity code,


Vape Design Anti-Counterfeiting
Step 2. Scan
Use your phone camera to scan the QR code.


The QR code contains the authentication code for your Vapes.design device.


Each code is unique to every Vapes.design device on the market.